Single Phase Frequency Converters 50/60 Hz
18 models 1KVA to 20KVA
50 or 60hz input,
50hz or 60hz output
Single Phase Frequency Converters 400hz
18 models 1KVA to 20KVA
50hz or 60hz input and
400hz output
Three Phase Solid State Frequency Converters
50 or 60 Hz
57 models 10 to 320KVA
Three Phase Solid State Frequency Converters
57 models 10 to 320KVA
Solid State Design Considerations Manuals and Connection Diagrams Accessories
Outdoor Enclosures, Carts,
Distribution Panels etc.
Notes and Photos
Rotary 1 or 3 Phase Frequency Converters
50 or 60hz output
6KVA to 2000KVA
Rotary 400Hz output Frequency Converters
1 or 3phase
10KVA to 250 KVA
Rotary Frequency Converters Accessories
Enclosures (Indoor quietized and Outdoor) Digital Meters, RS232 and Data Logging, etc.
Rotary Design Considerations Starting Surge of motors in the load, Large SCR loads, power factor and resistive loads, Operating Noise Level.
Rotary Application Notes and Photos Operating Noise and solutions to this problem Line Isolation Sets
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Solid State Frequency Converter Rotary Frequency Converter

Rotary Applications

Industry:   Aerospace equipment manufacturer
Problem:   FAA Testing of aircraft galley appliances
Solution:   Model 12.5SYN60400

Industry:   Marine
Problem:   Transocean cable repair ship requires 50 Hz
Solution:   Model 200IND6050 in modified shipping container

Industry:   Multi-Plant Consumer Mfg.
Problem:   Moving a plant to China and unable to convert all machines to 50 Hz operation
Solution:   Model 62.5IND5060QV

Industry:   Power Supply Mfg.
Problem:   50hz.Test @1500KVA over a voltage range of 323 to477V.
Solution:   1500SYN6050

Industry:   Military
Problem:   Operating computers, signaling equipment, and personnel quarters in a 50hz country (Qatar and Iraq) without depending on standby engine generators.
Solution:   250IND5060DSOHQR

Industry:   Marine
Problem:   To provide a U.S. Coastal Patrol Vessel with on board 60hz. power while it is tied up at a foreign dock without running the shipboard diesel engines.
Solution:   125IND5060MARSSV
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