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Battery Backup

The purpose of a battery backup for a frequency converter is to provide uninterrupted power output in the event of a utility outage for a limited time. Accordingly, when the utility fails, the unit sounds a series of beeps, and the battery light comes on to notify the user that the unit is starting to operate on battery.

The battery enclosure is designed to sit beside the frequency converter, and is furnished with a short cord that serves as a plug-in interconnection cable. The unit is shipped complete with 16 interconnected 12 VDC sealed batteries already in the enclosure.

The standard battery set will support a fully loaded (the chances are the unit will not be fully loaded at all times during a power outage) unit for:

Model Duration*

1KSS: 80 mins
2KSS: 50 mins
3KSS: 27 mins
4KSS: 12 mins
5KSS 8 mins
6KSS: 5 mins
8KSS: 3.5 mins
10KSS: 3 mins
12KSS: 2 mins

   * If longer times are required, we can provide up to 5 times as long using larger AH batteries in a slightly larger enclosure.

The batteries are not fully charged when shipped, and it is recommended that the unit be left on overnight to bring the batteries up to charge.

When using this accessory, do not attempt to shut down the converter by disconnecting the utility line - doing this will not shut down the converter, but result in a fully discharged battery.

To shut down the converter output, push the on-off switch.

A = 19.5 in (50cm)
B = 7 in (17.75 cm)
C = 14 in (36 cm)

All of out solid state units can be furnished with weatherproof outdoor enclosures. The photo shows a 3KVA unit designed to power 60 Hz tools on the tarmac at an airport in a 50 Hz country. Operating power is supplied by the airport's portable 50 Hz generators. The unit was furnished with a 50 ft. cord and plug set with strain relief. The photo shown is out of proportion, click on the photo to show a better view.

A = 34 in.
B = 18 in.
C = 28 in.
D = 47 in.

Click Image to Enlarge

Front / Right side view of the battery enclosure.

Rear / Left side view of the battery enclosure (showing plug socket).


Click Image to enlarge

Right front view.

Head-on view.

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